Wifi on the Raspberry Pi

For wireless Raspberry Pi fun, I bought this great tiny wifi dongle available for a few pounds on Amazon and known to work well on the Pi. I’ve just set it up on the latest Raspbian distro, and it is great. To install the drivers and set up on your wireless network, just download the script install-rtl8188cus-latest.sh from the link in this thread on the raspi forums, copy it to /boot, and execute it as root. Don’t plug in the dongle until the script tells you to. Assuming that you have a wired ethernet connection, the script will download the latest driver and set it all up for you. Make sure you have the details of your wifi network (essid, security type, password, etc.) to hand, as you will need them. It all worked like a charm for me. I now have wireless Pi!



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I am Professor of Stochastic Modelling within the School of Mathematics & Statistics at Newcastle University, UK. I am also a computational systems biologist.

2 thoughts on “Wifi on the Raspberry Pi”

  1. UPDATE! Note that the latest release of the Raspbian image supports the dongle described in the post out of the box. It can be configured using a GUI config utility pre-installed on the X desktop.

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