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After a 4 month wait, I’ve finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi (I’ve uploaded a few photos to flickr). I’d like to share some notes on the Raspi, but I don’t want to clutter up my main research blog with lots of posts about it (though I’ll probably do at least one post on there at some point). So, I figured that this would be a good time to dust off my old Posterous blog, which I haven’t used for some time.

So, my first impressions of the RasPi are very positive. I’m running Debian on it at the moment (both the recommended Squeeze distro, and the new Wheezy beta), which is perfect for an Ubuntu user like me. However, I’ll also be keen to try out the Fedora-based distro when it is more ready for general use. I’ve even installed Fedora on an old laptop in anticipation, in order to remind myself how it works.

In this first post I just want to share a few web links that I have found especially useful for getting started with the RasPi.

Of course there’s lots of other useful information out there, and I’m discovering interesting new stuff all of the time. I’m not intending to keep updating this list of links, but I do bookmark interesting links on Delicious, and tag them with “RasPi”, so keep an eye on my delicious RasPi links to see what I’ve tagged recently.

In future posts here I’ll give notes on how to do basic stuff like copy SD card images back and forth to Ubuntu, set up an SSH server for remote access, install new software, run performance tests, set up a Java environment, set up a web server stack, etc. As usual these posts will be partly for my own benefit, so I can refer back to them later, but hopefully they will also be useful to others.




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I am Professor of Stochastic Modelling within the School of Mathematics & Statistics at Newcastle University, UK. I am also a computational systems biologist.

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